Create Beautiful Sites

Your Content. Your Way.™

Making websites in MODX that look and work exactly how you want is absurdly easy, using what you already know—HTML, CSS and JS in any flavor. You don’t even need a 600 page book to learn how.

Getting Started

Templating in MODx

MODx has one of the most flexible, powerful templating systems out there today. Get started on seamlessly integrating your designs now.

Learning the Tags

One of MODx’s power points is its flexible tag structure. Get to know your tags and start putting those brackets to good use.

Installing Extras

Point and click. Point, click. That’s how easy it is to install Extras in MODx. Start pointing now (clicking required).

Digging Deeper

Security and You

MODx has an enterprise-level security system in its flexible Access Control Lists. Learn about MODx Security and get it setup for your specifications.

Write a How-To

Remember that tutorial you read that opened up your eyes to the power of MODx? You can write one of those, too!

Helpful Links for Designers and Site Builders

  • MODx Issue Tracker - For reporting bugs, improvements, and feature requests.
  • API Docs - Detailed documentation about every class, method and function in MODx.
  • Roadmap - The loose, tentative outline for future MODx development.
  • MODx on GitHub - Where we host our code.