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Getting Started

Get Git and Go

MODx is on GitHub. Read our Git Installation Guide to get the latest MODx.

Find Bugs and Kill Them

We use Redmine for bug tracking. Get started filing bugs for issues now.

Read the Free Manual

Visit rtfm.modx.com for comprehensive documentation on MODx, or peruse the straight-up API docs.

Collaborate on IRC

Join MODx developers on IRC. Server: irc.freenode.net Channels: #modx and #xpdo

Digging Deeper

Learn. Create. Share.

Start building and distributing Extras for MODx.

The Power of Written Word

Help expand our developer documentation to get more of the power behind MODx written out.

Become Addicted to the Fix

Dive into submitting patches for issues in the MODx core, and help make MODx better for everyone.

Helpful Developer Links

  • MODx Issue Tracker - For reporting bugs, improvements, and feature requests.
  • API Docs - Detailed documentation about every class, method and function in MODx.
  • Roadmap - The loose, tentative outline for future MODx development.
  • MODx on GitHub - Where we host our code.

Featured Developer Article

New for 2.2.1: Session-less Contexts

Jason Coward April 5, 2012

One of the common arguments I hear is that using MODX Revolution for small or simple sites is simply overkill and that pages do not perform near as well as they did in Evolution. But with some recent improvements in the 2.2.1-pl release, I can show you how to improve the front-end performance of your Revolution site by more than 40 times.