The MODX Team

The anatomy of a snippet call

Zaigham Rana April 3, 2008

The anatomy of a snippet call - A wiki article written by our team member, explains the basics of the snippets…

Transforming MODx: Tales of OO, MVC, and O/RM

Jason Coward December 15, 2006

MODx has been an amazing project to be involved with, but as the expression goes, you ain’t seen nothing yet! MODx is about to grow up and play with the big boys, and in this article I’ll start to explain some of the changes.

MODx 0.9.5 beta is available

Zaigham Rana September 9, 2006

MODx 0.9.5 beta is available for public, grab it, test it and give your feedback.

Integrating Mint with MODx

Zaigham Rana January 26, 2006

With AJAX driven applications all the rage, it’s no wonder that Mint is getting a lot of attention lately. Not only does it look good but, let’s face it, it works pretty darn good too! It’s easy to use and even easier to add-on to MODx. Read on to learn how…

Template migration

Zaigham Rana Jan 17, 2006

Did someone say "Bulk Template Migration"? Continue reading for a mini tutorial on how to accomplish this in the fewest mouse clicks possible.