MODX Nightlies Now Available

Development of MODX Revolution has been steadily moving forward since the 2.1 launch, and as of today, we're excited to announce that MODX Revolution will now have “nightlies” published every day for download.

What is a Nightly?

A nightly is a distributable build of MODX automatically published and uploaded every day at 2 AM CST. It is built directly via bash and phing scripts from the MODX GitHub repository develop branch, which is the active development branch for MODX.

Nightlies are not considered to be stable and should not be used for production sites. However, they provide MODX enthusiasts a quick way of testing the latest MODX development, including the latest new features being added to Revolution.

What if I find a bug?

Bugs for nightlies can be reported the same as any bug, in the MODX bugtracker. Simply just state the date of the nightly you downloaded in the bug report.

What's Next?

Nightlies will allow us to have active testing by MODX community members without requiring active Git knowledge. They are, along with unit tests, one more step toward continuous integration for MODX development. We’re excited about MODX development in the future, and this is one more way to share that excitement.

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