In Development: Media Sources

We wanted to share something we’ve been working on at MODX for Revolution, called “Media Sources”.

What are Media Sources?

In Revolution 2.1 and earlier, the Files tab was limited to only your server’s directory. You could adjust it’s path, but overall it was fairly constrained. Media Sources will allow you to expand that to nearly any type of storage system out there. You can point the files tree to your filesystem, restricted to a certain directory. Or, you can point it to an Amazon S3 bucket. Or a Dropbox folder.

The system is being built to support “media source drivers”, or classes, that can assume the necessary behavior to display and manage the media source from the tree, which now has a nice little dropdown to select your media source:

Once you have your source, you can drag/drop the file into *any* content field in MODX - such as your Resource Content - to get the URL of the item. Want to add an image on S3 to your content? Just drag/drop it over.

Furthermore, each source driver can have its own context menu, complete with whatever custom functionality you want to attach to it. And finally, Media Sources will be able to be attached to TVs, allowing you to specify what source a File or Image TV browses. Want an S3 TV that shows files in an images s3 bucket? No problem. How about a TV that only browses the assets/images/ directory? Easy. And, furthermore, they’ll be context-specific - a TV can use one source in one context, and another in another context.

And finally, you’ll be able to restrict Sources to specific User Groups, if you want. No need to worry about a content editor browsing S3 buckets.

I’ve put together a little demonstration video of how they work:

In Development: Media Sources from Shaun McCormick on Vimeo.

We’re still a ways to go in terms of adding this to the develop branch (and to a release). It’s likely this will hit shelves in 2.3 - not 2.2. We still have to tightly integrate into TVs, add User Group restriction support, and much more. But the possibilities of this feature really are endless, and we’re excited to see where it goes. Thanks guys!

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